Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose New York Holiday Singers, Inc.?

We started New York Holiday Singers, Inc. to bring a love of the holiday season's music and a premium level of entertainment to holiday events in the NYC area. Our carols, arrangements, and original songs are musically satisfying, requiring a high level of commitment & rehearsal from our performers. When you book one of our three groups, you're not going to get a group of people that are part-time members singing relatively simple 2 to 4-part carols; you're booking finely-rehearsed & blended ensembles singing professional-level music.

Beyond that, though, comes the team behind New York Holiday Singers, Inc. Jen, Greg, and Doug, the Executive Director, Creative Director, and Associate Producer, respectively, adore the holiday season: its music, its flavors & aromas, and the best it can bring out in people. They love it so much that they, too, sing in multiple groups!

Greg has nearly two decades' experience providing music & entertainment for events, and our performers range from talented choral singers to performers on- and Off-Broadway; to musicians, artists, teachers, coaches, and more. We know our reputation and our ability to compete in a crowded industry rests entirely on providing the absolute best musical entertainment you can possibly book, and making sure our customers are happy & proud to have us entertain their guests.

When you get groups of wonderful performers like this together, give them fantastic music, have them rehearse and bond for months… Well, then you get magic.

What events do your groups perform at?

Just about any kind of holiday event or Christmas party! Singers are perfect for your:

  • Private party
  • Public event
  • Corporate event / holiday party
  • Luncheons & dinners
  • Tree lighting
  • Retail establishment
  • Brand/marketing activation (our Creative Director's day job is as Chief Brand Officer for a digital agency, so we're doubly-perfect for this!)
  • Concert / Featured Entertainment
  • Event background entertainment
  • Sing Along (including optional professionally-printed, a la carte Sing-Along Songbooks which we've been offering since 2010! They make a great memento.)
  • Cocktail hour
  • And many, many more

Some of our groups are more appopriate for certain events than others. If you have an event not listed above, why not contact us to see what we can do?

Do you offer Victorian / "Dickens" carolers?

At this time, we do not. We decided in the early days of our company that we would not be providing a group of Victorian carolers. Instead, we choose to focus our budget and time on our high-quality music. That said, if you're not interested in one of our fun groups, we can personally recommend the group Dickens Victorian Carollers. Despite their humble appearance, this is a group that has been around for three decades and has sung for four Presidential administrations at the White House as well as other extraordinary performances. We are not affiliated with the Dickens Victorian Carollers in any way, but our Singers appeared with them on The Rachael Ray Show and have met with their director multiple times since, and came away very impressed with their music and presentation. We don't recommend other performers lightly!

What are the "Looks" your groups wear?

Each of our groups has its own distinct look:

  • The New York Holiday Singers wear attractive cocktail attire, for the ladies, and tailored, matching grey suits with soft shoulders, ties, and pocket squares for the men. It's a very sharp look. Everything is fitted and tailored. They also offer a casual look that's "modern holiday sartorial" -- think holiday prep. Their accent colors are green & silver.
  • Our New York Holiday Choristers, on the other hand, can wear different things depending on your event! Their attire ranges from are fun & funky casual "holiday festive" all the way up to a formal look with ties & jackets/ uits for the men and skirts/dresses/professional slacks for the ladies, all finished off with matching, thick-knit red scarves. They can also wear a more muted color palette option (blacks, greys, and whites.) Their accent color is, of course, RED!
  • Lastly, the Men Singing Carols dress in semi-sartorial winter attire -- lots of thick sweaters, button downs, and semi-casual slacks & chinos. They, too, offer a more formal look with jackets and ties, though please inquire if you'd like suits. Their accent colors are blue & silver.

If you'd like something specific, like muted color palettes, just ask!

Are your groups able to wear something that I provide?

Some definitely can, yes!

The New York Holiday Choristers and Men Singing Carols can absolutely wear your branded attire or special outfits, as long as we work it out in advance! However, it's generally not common for the New York Holiday Singers to wear fully customized attire. That said, though, our NYHS ladies will gladly wear a branded brooch, silk scarf, or other similar accessory, and our NYHS men can also wear a branded pocket square, tie clip, lapel pin, or other similar accessory. If you'd like to book the Singers, but would prefer them in your company or brand attire, please contact us and we can see what options exist!

Along the same lines, can you sing or help me with custom lyrics?

You bet we can! Our Creative & Musical Director, Greg, also happens to be an award-winning lyricist, having won several awards and contests for his work crafting memorable, poetic, catchy lyrics. He also handles all of the original songs & lyrics for the New York Holiday Singers, which we have been told are likewise wickedly catchy. Lastly, Greg has worked with major brands in his day job as Chief Brand Officer for a digital agency to craft lyrics and phrases "on-the-fly," so you've not only got an award-winning lyricist in your corner, but also one with real-world real-time brand experience that can work exceedingly quicky!

Do your groups offer secular selections or things that aren't "too Christmas-y"?

Do they ever! Our groups pioneered the mix of sacred, secular, and winter-themed songs (including songs like Joni Mitchell's "River," Bob Dylan's "Girl of the North Country," and more) that's becoming more and more popular among holiday vocal groups in NYC. Because we were the first to branch out like that, our groups -- especially the Choristers with their massive repertoire -- can easily prepare a set excluding overtly religious or "Christmas" music. Or, featuring it.

How far will you travel?

As we're based out of New York City, travel to locations accessible by MTA subways & buses is included. (However, if it will take the Choristers or Men over an hour or so to get to your location from midtown Manhattan, there may be a small travel surcharge for our time.) Beyond that, such as travel to New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, and even further, we will work with you for any travel costs, as we'll usually have to rent a car for driving or take the train if possible. When you begin speaking about travel outside of the tri-state area, additional costs such as lodging may come into play. Why not contact us and we'll see if we can work something out?

Can you lead my guests in a "Sing-Along"?

Of course we can, and we've done so dozens of times! Our groups were the first in New York City to offer professionally-printed, full-color "Sing-Along Songbooks" custom-made for each event for a small fee. No photocopies here -- these are songbooks assembled and center-stapled or bound with the same care as everything else we do!

"But," you may ask, "what about your groups' best-in-class music that's more difficult & musically gratifying than regular, 'easy' carols?" Why, our groups also learn special "Sing-Along versions" of several popular holiday songs, of course! These sing-along versions are taken slower, with no key changes, and are more traditional with their repeats and structure than our performance songs.

Are your groups memorized?

You bet! Our groups rehearse for months to memorize their challenging music. Because of the complexity of our professional-level music, Choristers and Men hold small, half-sheet-sized mini-binders or slates that contain the set list, starting notes/pitches, song information, and lyrics -- but they're still exciting to watch and engage with their audience and each other. No one likes to see a perfomer buried in a book!

The Singers, on the other hand, provide a headlining-worthy appearance. For concerts and similar events, they (or a tech, if your venue has one) usually tape the event's song list to the ground in front of their microphone stands, but the only thing they'll hold at times are their microphones or small hand percussion.

Can you walk & sing, or greet my guests?

We've done both many times, and we really enjoy it! Please note: this is more appropriate for the Choristers, rather than the Men or the Singers, due to the nature of the latter two's repertoire. Though, it's not impossible for them to do!

Who created your websites?

All of our websites, videos, and programming - including our online booking & event management system - are lovingly hand-crafted by our Creative & Musical Director, Greg, in his North Pole* workshop. When he's not working on arranging our best-in-class music or rehearsing our groups or handling our social media, or working in his day job as Chief Brand Officer for a digital agency, he's also a freelance developer, photographer & videographer, and designer. Just like everything we do, the websites are all done 100% in-house!

* North Pole equals Astoria-Ditmars, NYC, in this case…