Christmas carols and holiday vocal entertainment, as you wish.

Effortless, easy booking & events meets a massive repertoire split across true jazz & contemporary or traditional music. Book as few as 4 singers, all the way up to our full group as a powerful, beautiful choir, with no-nonsense per-singer pricing and the deepest, most varied music selection in the business. It's like fa-la-la-la-la 2.0.

New York Holiday Choristers

Why have to choose between classic, traditional carols & hip, fun, contemporary music? The New York Holiday Choristers are NYC's only professional caroling ensemble that combines true vocal jazz with classic Christmas carols -- and everything in between -- within the same massive, finely-rehearsed repertoire!

Originators of "Caroling a la Carte™," the Choristers bring you holiday vocal entertainment your way, with a plethora of options. It all started in 2011 with a custom online quote & booking system written by our creative director. The Choristers pioneered flat-rate per-singer per-hour pricing, and make their price schedule easily accessible so you can get an instant, no-hassle & complete price quote for entertainment with no runaround.

Once you've booked the Choristers, the options don't end there. The music selection can be as interactive as you'd like -- either leave the selections to us with your guidance, or dive right in and use our online event management tool to simply "drag & drop" which songs you'd like your Choristers to sing. And, the Choristers offer a huge variety of music, including secular, winter-themed, sacred, traditional, true vocal jazz, contemporary, and even some rock & roll and show tunes! Choose from their standard "festive casual" look, or opt for something a little more formal.

And, as you'd expect from a New York Holiday Singers, Inc. ensemble, the Choristers are of course finely-rehearsed and polished, and their music is music is musically-gratifying -- yes, even across their whole, massive repertoire! You'll find toe-tapping, finger-snapping, hand-clapping songs, beautifully haunting ballads, soaring melodies, tight harmonies, and much more.

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