Add a New York City vocal experience to your event.

New York Holiday Singers, Inc. has three groups that are as quintessentially NYC as the water in the crust & bagels. Find out what makes each group special.

NYC Holiday Vocal Entertainment, Presented Two Ways

Our company features our world-class groups:

New York Holiday Choristers

The most flexible NYC holiday carolers, with modern & classic versions of favorites.

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Men Singing Carols

Charming guys singing swingin' Christmas standards and secular selections.

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All of our groups are finely-tuned, highly-rehearsed collections of some of NYC's finest ensemble singers. Our members have experience ranging from Broadway and Off-Broadway, to professional opera & choral works; some are award-winning composers & arrangers in their own right, others award-winning vocalists, actors, or performers. Many are professional vocal coaches, teachers, trainers, artists, photographers, and other full-time creatives; others have more traditional day jobs. You've seen them on television and film, heard them on the radio, perhaps read their work online or in print. But they all have one thing in common: they are the members of New York Holiday Singers, Inc.'s fantastic & fun groups, an elite collection of performers singing the most musically interesting vocal holiday music in the city!

Our truly unique approach to holiday entertainment begins with a challenging audition process for singers during the summer (though we have very minor turnover year-over-year as our performers tend to return, we do have a handful of open spots to fill each season) in mid-summer. Our music's challenging and our expectations higher every year, and so our audition process has evolved to help us find not only the most vocally-capable performers, but also those with the freshest, most upbeat attitude that will transfer to pleasant and masterful performances.

Rehearsals then begin in early September. Why so early? It all comes back to our musically-interesting arrangements… you won't hear plain unison (everyone singing the same notes) or simple harmonies here! Our philosophy is that customers are paying us to sing holiday music; it should be something more challenging than what laypeople could sing, it should sound great, and be lots of fun. Of course, some of our groups have simpler versions of songs for sing-along purposes, too!

Almost all of our groups' music is custom-arranged to be exciting, fun, and feature-worthy by our Musical & Creative Director, Greg. We take holiday classics and put our own spin on them, like our vocal jazz versions of "Carol of the Bells", or our hauntingly melancholy versions of "Silent Night". If that's not enough, each groups' music is different, separate, and distinct from the others', meaning that the difference between our ensembles is more than costume-deep. (You can imagine how challenging it is for people in multiple groups to learn all of those different versions!)

No cheese, no gimmicks, just fun, pure, great vocal music, sung superbly & wrapped up in an easy-to-deal-with attitude and nearly two decades' event entertainment experience. It makes working with our groups as cool, refined, and cosmopolitan as the great city that we named ourselves after.

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We hope we get to sing for you this season!