Why should I choose New York Holiday Singers, Inc.?

We started New York Holiday Singers, Inc. to bring a love of the holiday season's music and a premium level of entertainment to holiday events in the NYC area. Our carols, arrangements, and original songs are musically satisfying, requiring a high level of commitment & rehearsal from our performers. When you book one of our three groups, you're not going to get a group of people that are part-time members singing relatively simple 2 to 4-part carols; you're booking finely-rehearsed & blended ensembles singing professional-level music.

Beyond that, though, comes the team behind New York Holiday Singers, Inc. Jen, Greg, and Doug, the Executive Director, Creative Director, and Associate Producer, respectively, adore the holiday season: its music, its flavors & aromas, and the best it can bring out in people. They love it so much that they, too, sing in multiple groups!

Greg has nearly two decades' experience providing music & entertainment for events, and our performers range from talented choral singers to performers on- and Off-Broadway; to musicians, artists, teachers, coaches, and more. We know our reputation and our ability to compete in a crowded industry rests entirely on providing the absolute best musical entertainment you can possibly book, and making sure our customers are happy & proud to have us entertain their guests.

When you get groups of wonderful performers like this together, give them fantastic music, have them rehearse and bond for months… Well, then you get magic.