What are the "Looks" your groups wear?

Each of our groups has its own distinct look:

  • The New York Holiday Singers wear attractive cocktail attire, for the ladies, and tailored, matching grey suits with soft shoulders, ties, and pocket squares for the men. It's a very sharp look. Everything is fitted and tailored. They also offer a casual look that's "modern holiday sartorial" -- think holiday prep. Their accent colors are green & silver.
  • Our New York Holiday Choristers, on the other hand, can wear different things depending on your event! Their attire ranges from are fun & funky casual "holiday festive" all the way up to a formal look with ties & jackets/ uits for the men and skirts/dresses/professional slacks for the ladies, all finished off with matching, thick-knit red scarves. They can also wear a more muted color palette option (blacks, greys, and whites.) Their accent color is, of course, RED!
  • Lastly, the Men Singing Carols dress in semi-sartorial winter attire -- lots of thick sweaters, button downs, and semi-casual slacks & chinos. They, too, offer a more formal look with jackets and ties, though please inquire if you'd like suits. Their accent colors are blue & silver.

If you'd like something specific, like muted color palettes, just ask!