See how easy it is to add fantastic holiday vocal entertainment to your holiday event or party! Singers available now.

You like what you've seen and heard from our groups? Great! Let's go through how easy it is to work together -- we've been making it a simple, easy, step-by-step process since 2009, and we've got it down to a science -- a fun, holiday vocal science!

Step One: Get a Quote

Contact us (or, very soon, use our company-wide online booking system) and we'll confirm which of our groups you're interested in, if they're available, and give you your quote!

Step Two: Reserve Us

Once we've got your rate & chosen group locked, we send out your booking contract via email or fax. If you've never had to deal with one of these before, booking contracts spell out exactly the who, what, when, where, and how of your event -- what we'll be doing, the payment schedule, any requirements from the customer, cancellation penalties, etc.

Return the signed contract with your 30% deposit through email or post, or fax. We counter-sign the booking contract and send a copy to you either via email or fax for your record. With that, the business portion's done for a bit, and we get to the fun stuff -- creative & event planning!

Step Three: Let's Talk About Your Event!

Your event gets activated inside our in-house, online event management system, and you'll receive an email with a link you can click to view it.

You and our Creative Director, Greg, have a chat (via phone or email) about your event. He'll ask questions, if needed, so he can get a sense of your guests, the space, the mood of your event, etc. This is used to decide what songs we'll perform and what the order of songs will be.

We'll then put together the first version of your setlist, viewable on your event page, along with pictures of the fine singers that will be performing for you!

And, if you'd like, you can edit the set list, too, simply by dragging & dropping songs to add, remove, or reorder them. We use the exact same tool in-house, so we tried to make it as straightforward as possible!

Step Four?

There is no step four… Relax & enjoy the show!

You can be as involved as you'd like to be during all of this planning. Some of our clients are extremely involved throughout the entire process, editing set lists, offering feedback, and more. Others choose to let us make the choices around the set, order, and etc. Both approaches are fine with us, and we can work either way with no difficulty. On the day of your event, our ensemble will arrive 20 minutes before their scheduled start time (Choristers & Men) or earlier (Singers), and soon we hope you'll be enjoying our wonderful voices & songs!